Saturday, February 16, 2008

Twist Loofah Sponge

Ah, the Twist Loofah Sponge. I've actually had a couple of these for months, but I wanted to really decide what I thought before posting about it. Essentially, if you're familiar with loofahs and scrubby sponges you'll get the concept pretty quickly. I've never seen any other product that combines the two though.

I was able to give this a pretty difficult test - our stove seems to build up some serious crust. I scrub as hard as I can, even employing baking soda, and sometimes I can't get the crud off. This sponge actually did a better job than most "heavy duty scrubbers" on this sort of task. I also used a separate one to scrub my bathroom and it made quick work of any grime in there too.

My only real complaint is that I am not a big fan of loofahs in general because they don't actually absorb water well (does anyone know what I mea by this?) They don't soften and occasionally the way they don't bend makes them a bit clunky.

Anyway, of all the Twist sponges, this is my favorite.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Seventh Generation Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender Laundry Detergent

I have said it before, but I absolutely love the new Seventh Generation scents. That blue eucalyptus is really yummy. It makes me feel like my laundry is getting cleaner somehow, which is, I guess, the point. And lavender, mmm I am almost always a fan of lavender. I'd say the lavender definitely takes a backseat in this scent combination, however.

Of course, it can smell like whatever it wants but if it doesn't work? Not going to buy. This is Seventh Gen. we're talking about though. I haven't disliked any of their products yet, functionally speaking. I used to think their scents were boring, but they've updated them to compete with the other non-toxic companies.
Anyway, this stuff really does do a good job on my laundry. I don't have great laundry machines. Actually mine are compact stacked models intended for small apartments. SG has taken care of dog pee and poo messes as well as stains on towels, etc. No complaints, yet. I can't think of anything it's doing wrong or any way in which it is inferior to commercial toxic detergents. The sign of a good laundry detergent is, for me, if I don't have to re-wash anything or really, think more about laundry than necessary.

I guess that makes for a rather boring review :)