Sunday, March 15, 2009

J.R. Watkins Window Cleaner

I thought all window and glass cleaner was created (fairly) equal(ly). Apparently I was wrong. Until we get rid of this mod glass dining table[1], I'll be using a lot of glass cleaner, so I decided to try the J.R. Watkins version. We've seen their products at Target before; my husband used to love their bay rum aftershave. It was only recently that I realized they sold cleaning products.

Always a sucker for scent, I nabbed the "Aloe and Green Tea", which just smells fresh and pleasant (and is lightly scented). I don't know if the aloe is what made this product so easy to wipe off, but it is! My glass got cleaner without nearly as much elbow grease. Huh....

It's sold online, ($4.69/bottle) but many Targets carry their full line.

1. Chicago area people, wanna buy it? It'd be nice to sell it before we move again. I have photos somewhere.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Earth Friendly Products Window Kleener

I have a mod-style glass topped dining table. I'm actually not a huge fan of it anymore, but adored it when we bought it back in... 2003? The thing shows fingerprints like MAD, so I need a good glass "kleener", and believe me, vinegar and water don't seem to cut it. Could be some error on my part, but vinegar+H2O left a bit of streakiness on my table, windows, and mirrors. So much for the cheap option.

I like EFP's line, and I like the smell of lavender so I nabbed this version from a cute little local health market that for whatever reason, only had this version in stock. It works great! When my mother-in-law was visiting she cleaned the table after meals for me a few times, and commented that this stuff worked well and smelled nice. I was pleased because she uses fairly traditional 'toxic/caustic' stuff, as does my own mother. I like that this stuff is just clear, and it comes in an unscented version for those who don't love lavender.

Give it a shot if you don't have success making your own!

p.s. I am noticing you can get a 12-pack on Amazon for $36.86 or about $3 a bottle. Weigh that against your local price to decide.