Sunday, April 27, 2008

Method, Bi-o-kleen, etc.

Hello! My apologies for being absent so long, my fellow green-cleaning fans. School has been a bit crazy. I have made the time to eyeball Method's new products and packaging design though! (Check out their great new website!) They launched kids' products and more bathroom cleaning goodies (I want to try "Le Scrub!) I am curious to know if any of you have tried them, and if so, what you think! This is my favorite new page on their website. What droolworthy design!

I like that they have hand soap refills now (good for me, as I have glass soap dispensers I just pour soap into and that'll be cheaper and more eco-friendly). Alas, the magic self-foaming soap won't work in my dispenser. (Their having hand soap in "eucalyptus mint" now makes up for it... although their soap tends not to be super moisturizing. I'll sneak in here that I like EO's hand soap better than method's, and EO's comes in gallon jug refills!)

Right now I also want to try Biokleen's "Bac-Out" (scroll down on their site a bit). It can be sprayed on surfaces or poured. Apparently you can use it to take odors out of your garbage disposal, kitchen trash, and toilet bowl, among its myriad functions. I have odors in all three consistently despite my rabid cleaning, so I need some anti-stank remover. Biokleen's products have been very effective so far. I have hope for the Bac-Out!


Kristin said...

I loves the EO Lavendar Soap. We also really like the Kiss My Face Self Foaming Soap (but haven't found it yet here in Utah). We like the EO smell better than the Kiss My Face, but lazy side of us likes the Self Foaming Kiss My Face. :)

lisbet said...

I love the Kiss My Face :> If I didn't use hand soap dispensers I'd use that. Self-foaming soap is fun.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

love love love biokleen's bac-out. if you go to my blog and search for it, you'll actually find where i took out ancient carpet stains with it!

i use bac-out on nearly everything in my house!

lisbet said...

@Karen - I really am loving the Bac-Out. I just bought a bottle and am about to review it :>

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