Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trader Joe's Room Spray: Coriander and Bergamot

My bathroom occasionally smells less than fresh, as I'm sure yours does. I've actually avoided (even eco-friendly) room sprays for the most part, but Trader Joe's has a way of talking me into things I wouldn't otherwise consider!

Last time I was there, I nabbed a bottle of their essential oil-based coriander/bergamot "Next to Godliness" room spray and I'm really enjoying the scent. I've had the urge to spray it on myself a few times. Never felt that way about Lysol spray, that's for sure. Now granted, I could make this stuff myself with the essential oils in question ($17 for coriander and $13 for bergamot; I already have the bergamot.) and some water, and I may try that. But I have to credit TJs for selling this stuff cheaply and giving me the idea for the scent combination (and for making it non-aerosol.) The scent could linger a bit more, but it seems to mask stinky bathroom aromas nicely, at least temporarily.

Depending on how much air freshener spray you go through and whether you'd use the essential oils for anything else, you might be saving money by buying the TJs version.

Most essential oils have directions on the packaging for how much (distilled) water to combine with EOs to make a room spray or linen spray. My favorite linen spray "recipe" = 18 drops of oil for every 1 oz water combined in a spray bottle.
(Aura Cacia also sells prepackaged EO blends for those of you who don't have a full medicine cabinet of oils like I do.)


Douglas said...

Sadly as of 2010 TJ has discontinued because of "low demand"

christmassoup said...

I'm terribly disappointed about the discontinuation of TJ's Coriander and Bergamot air spray. I loved it. If I had known they would discontinue it I would have bought up their entire stock when I had a chance to. That's the one thing I don't like about TJ. Everytime I seem to get hooked on something, it eventually disappears. I've decided to make my own and have bought the necessary ingredients. But of course I don't know the proportions they used. Argh.

Liz Phelps said...
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Liz Phelps said...

@christmassoup EXACTLY!!! i would have bought this by the case. and same with their soybean butter. so sad and frustrating!

i've never encountered a product like this--it truly seems to fix smells & eliminate them, but i can still breathe after i spray it. not so with any other air freshener.

has anyone found a great recipe for replicating the TJ's spray?

christmassoup said...

I tried making my own Bergmot and Coriander air freshener using some ideas for ingredients I got online. It turned out pretty close! I have one last bottle of the TJ stuff and I compared them and I have to admit it was hard to tell too much difference. I had kept an empty bottle of the TJ version which holds 4.4 oz, but you can buy a pump-spray bottle at Whole Foods or similar stores. Here's the recipe:
4 oz. DISTILLED water
1 tlbsp. alcohol (Not rubbing. I used vodka because it has no odor.)The alcohol is to help with suspension.
18-20 drops bergamot essential oil
4-6 drops coriander oil
Shake before use.
I recommend starting with the smaller amounts of the oils and adding more as seems right to you. The coriander oil is very strong so go light on this one.
Hope it works for you!

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