Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mrs Meyer's "Basil" Surface Scrub

As a scrub this stuff works really well. It gets my tub clean, my shower clean, and my sinks clean. I have no gripe about the performance. What I do have a gripe about is the scent (and it's a problem with the all-purpose wipes as well). I mean... gahhhhh I often enjoy Mrs. Meyer's scents, but this one is like bad body spray. After a recent bout of cleaning my whole apartment smelled of it, and it was really headache inducing, not fresh. Despite it being November in Chicago I considered opening the window.

It's really not basil scented, of course. That would be pleasant. The website explains that it has "top notes of basil, apricot leaves, parsley, and eucalyptus". My husband compared it to "cucumber-floral eau de toilette". It certainly gets up my nose in a way that reminds me of some of the Bath and Bodyworks products I bought in the early '90s. *Gag*

I'll finish the canister, of course... but I'm thinking I'll pass on the Basil line in the future.

On another hand, the holiday gift pack is peppermint scented and would make a lovely hostess gift. Hopefully it's just straightforward peppermint. I'm STILL using my gingerbread kit from 2 years ago because the all-purpose cleaner goes so far. A teaspoon full mixed with water fills my spray bottle and then I'm good to go for another month.

As an alternative scrub I recommend Bon Ami, or the same Mrs Meyers scrub in the Lemon Verbena or Lavender scents. I have a similar gripe with their Geranium fragrance, so if you enjoy that then you may actually dig the Basil!


ramama said...

I agree! I was excited about a new scent but it smells like men's cologne. My mom and husband liked it but I just kept walking into a room and thinking "what smells wierd?" The honeysuckle scent is tops -it smells like fresh sunshine air to me. I love your blog!

lisbet said...

Yay, thanks! :) And yeah, men's cologne is a good way to describe it. I haven't gotten to try the honeysuckle, unfortunately. I think I missed my chance!

ramama said...

They still have Rhubarb and Honeysuckle at The Rhubarb is cheaper and the honeysuckle is more expensive(collectors item!). I just got the Peppermint and it smells great, especially the diffuser which I thought I wouldn't care for at all. It's nice to know there are other people who are so particular about the scent of cleaning products. Also, from reading older posts, I have to say I loooove pretty packaging and am a complete sucker for it.

lisbet said...

It's definitely good on my end to hear that someone else is also interested in good design and scent :) I'm so glad Earth Friendly Products just redesigned their bottles.

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