Sunday, February 8, 2009

Method "Smarty Dish" Dishwasher Cubes

I actually am rushing to post about this stuff because I am so pleased with its performance. I may have found an eco dishwasher product I can stick with! I bought this stuff on a lark (in the 'go naked' unscented variety), because I like the idea of dishwasher tablets. I was never that psyched that Ecover individually wrapped theirs, however. That's not particularly eco-friendly, even if the dish tablets worked well for me.

The Method "Smarty Dish" version comes in a single recyclable canister, and they're shaped somewhat like a losange.

The important thing? They work. As well, if not better than the toxic crap at my local supermarket. They've gotten residual coffee stains out of cups, taken the weird mineral stains out of my bathroom cup, cleaned an old soap dish that I thought was permanently manky, and made my cocktail glasses sparkle.

I've never understood why dishwasher soap needed to be scented, so I haven't tried the pink grapefruit version... and I like most products as scented as can be.

Of course, whenever I review a dishwasher detergent people post and say that their experience vastly differed, as we all have different appliances and water quality. But I'd give these a whirl for sure... because if they work half as well for you as they did for me, you'll be hooked!

(I use it with Earth Friendly Product's rinse aid, but I'm not sure it really matters. I bought the rinse aid to try to improve some prior, lousy dishwasher products.)


Sarah said...

Oh, thank goodness! This is the one house cleaning product that my spouse has not liked the environmentally friends versions of. We've tried all of the ones we could find. I like many (not all) Method products, and I'm happy to see a good review of this one. Thanks!

lisbet said...

@Sarah- yeah, it seems like many of the eco friendly dishwasher products are lousy! I too like -some- of the method products, but not all. This one may be my favorite. I am enjoying unloading the dishwasher lately.

Kristin said...

Thanks! I also was unhappy with the performance of eco friendly dishwashing detergent (esp with the super hard water we have here in Park City). And, I also was annoyed about the individual wrapping of the ecover tablets. I'll have to try the Method.

Jamie said...

I love these, too! I've tried all sorts of eco-friendly dishwashing detergents and this is the first one that's actually worked. I also read on Method's blog recently that you can throw them in your washing machine with whites and it acts as a mild bleaching agent. I tried it and didn't notice a huge difference but then again, I don't ever use bleach so it's hard to compare. I'll definitely continue using them in the dishwasher though!

P.S. How do you find your products to review? Is there a way to send you samples of a product to try out?

-Jamie, Mrs. Jones' Soapbox

lisbet said...

@Jamie - Sorry for the delay; we were moving cross-country!
I am always very very happy to find samples of products to review! If you want to reach me via email to get my address I would be really excited. (I think it's on the blog, but if not comment here and let me know.)

WorldviewCoach said...

I'm glad to see this review of the new Method tablets. A few years ago they had tablets in a different container, and they were awful - scratched my glasses and didn't clean well. They seemed to disappear from the shelves shortly after I tried them. Now I see a new Method product. I've been using Ecover tablets, which work very well, but I will try the Method ones again, thanks to you.

lisbet said...

So glad it could be of service! I too had terrible luck with the earlier version of this product. I hope that these work out for you- dishwasher soap seems to depend so much on your water type.

Marlane said...

I absolutely LOVE these cubes. I will not use any other dishwasher soap now,ever.Makes my dishes so shiny and clean, Never any residue left behind, and it actully cleans off caked-on food. They are wonderful. Unfortunately I live in a small rural town, so i have to order online all the time,but well worth the effort. They are the BEST!!!

sasha said...

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