Friday, August 31, 2007

Method Aroma Ring

I was tempted to title this post "Method Stink Ring", because I'm feeling a bit lazy, and I couldn't remember what it was called. Turns out, I was pretty close. Anyway, my need to stick one of everything scented in my apartment (sorry jhimm), prompted me to bring one of these home as soon as I saw them. I also nabbed one for my sister's birthday, as she likes the Method "Cut Grass" scent. (She claims it reminds her of the old Gap "Grass" perfume.)

So, two grass aroma rings later, I was home and placing the white plastic ring on my bathroom shelf. I was impressed to actually be catching whiffs of the thing when I walked into our tiny bathroom as well.

Basically, you get two foil-wrapped scent disks per pack, and then you can buy refill 2-packs in any scent as often as you want. (They claim a single disc lasts at least 2 weeks.) You peel off the foil, revealing a thin membrane. It's tempting to poke at the thing, but will probably lead to alien mutations (so I've refrained thus far.) The white ring takes two aroma disks for maximum scent, but I've never used two (seems too wasteful, even to get more scent.)

In our new apartment the thing sits on the back of my toilet, and I swear I've never caught even the faintest whiff of it. I tried the second grass disk and then moved onto a "Eucalyptus Mint" one. (It was the only kind that passed the husband-sniff test at Target.) For some reason, the EM scent isn't on Method's site. Mine is blue like their "Sweet Water" version, but perhaps it's been replaced.

I am honestly about ready to give up on the aroma ring. It reminds me of the "diffuser sticks" I bought at Whole Foods a couple of years ago. Never smelled those either.
I'm willing to concede that my small nose (seriously) might be keeping me from properly whiffing the aroma ring. I just put the last EM disk in today... the ring is on its last chance before it gets replaced with some home made potpourri or a cute nicknack. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't chuck it (I may have a change of heart and want to refill it), but it's becoming a waste of space.

I'll have to track down my sister and ask her what she thinks.

Anyone tried this? Do their aroma sticks work better? I like the look of the little white vase.


SalGal said...

I'm too chicken to try "diffuser sticks" because I pretty much think it's crap. What if I spend all that money and I get no scent? I'd be ticked.

I have tried the Method Ring (wow, that has a lot of inuendo going for it there!) in the Cut Grass scent and YUMmmmmm... I love it! I am a scent hog and greedily put both discs in because I wanted to make good and sure I'd smell it all over my bedroom. It's been 6 weeks and the scent is not as strong, but every time it gets knocked over on my dresser it springs back!

Andrea said...

I've been tempted to try the Method Ring, but haven't yet.. Hmmm now with a good review and an ehhh review, I'm more undecided than ever.

lisbet said...

I just asked my husband what he thought. He replied: "does that thing even smell?"

And he's overly sensitive to smell... I think it may be the fault of the eucalyptus disc though. I am going to try the lavender lemongrass and try doubling up, I think.

Allison said...

I just got the sweet water aroma ring and use it on my desk at work. I smell it alot. It's wonderful!

lisbet said...

Maybe the Sweet Water is stronger! Worth a shot.

Karen Hoyne said...

The diffuser sticks work awesome!! I bought the Vanilla Apple scent and it really puts out a lot of fragrance. I only put 1/2 the sticks and 1/2 the oil in the vase. It takes about 2 days before you start to smell the scent. My husband came home and asked me what smelled so good in our livingroom. He said it smelled like apple and that it smelled really fresh. I'm really picky about fragrances and I hate overkill. The oil doesn't have that fake smell that a lot of air fresheners do. I'm impressed and I can't wait to try more scents soon. If you want a stronger scent w/the sticks, they suggest using all the sticks and oil in the vase. It costs more than the rings but I think it's worth it. Happy Sniffing!! :)

lisbet said...

@Karen - I think you've just talked me into giving them a try :) I'm excited because some of the scents sound amazing.

vampirehobbit said...

I have the bamboo aroma ring and I love it! I have in my bedroom, and it fills the room with its fragrance for weeks. (I change the scent membrane about once a month.) My only complaint is that it might be a bit too strong at first. I'll stick with it as long as I can buy refills.

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