Thursday, August 23, 2007

Method Tub + Tile Spray

The Tub + Tile spray is in Method's Eucalyptus Mint scent, which I typically like. However, I honestly don't think this stuff gives off much of an odor beyond "soap". I used this to tackle the green stains left behind by my Enviro-Magic Grout Cleaner. I appreciate that you don't need to rinse after using this stuff, but I almost found myself doing it anyway in hopes that it'd help. I'd say this particular product does an okay job of dealing with cleaning tile, and general bathroom surfaces. Grout, not so much. It's never really been great at removing the soap-scum my Lush baths can leave behind in the tub.

I know many eco-nerds are wary of method. It's sold in Target, and many drugstores. Most complaints are about the vagueness of the ingredients list, and honestly, I've found this to be the case on many eco-cleaning products. The "corn/coconut-derived and biodegradable surfactant blend" is probably SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate), which should be ok if you don't let it sit on your skin forever. Method leans towards fragrance, rather than essential oils as well, which doesn't particularly bother me, but makes me feel less romantic about the products.


Stephanie said...

I'll be so happy when someone finds the perfect eco-friendly bath cleaner. I've been using Seventh Generation, and it's OK. I really, really want to find one that works as well as the traditional toxic stuff though. Good luck in your hunt, and I can't wait to hear when you do find it.
Stephanie @ AT: Green Home

paul said...

on method's tub and tile cleaner their ingreidents read as such: soap scum dissolver, nonionic surfacant, naturally derived solvents, essentaial oil fragrance. this ingrediant list really does not tell the consumer anything. what is in the soap scum dissolver? when sprayed on bugs they die on contact. are the ingredients natrual as the label suggests them to be? or does the company hide behind the guise of being 'all natural'?

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