Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bi-O-Kleen Automatic Dish Gel

I reviewed the Biokleen automatic dish powder back in August, and when I finished the package just a few days ago I was eager to try the dish gel.

Unfortunately, my experience with the gel hasn't been good so far. Since I began using it, many things are coming out of the dishwasher crusty. I do rinse my dishes before putting them in, but if they have the slightest bit of grime on them it seems to solidify when washed with this product. My dishes seem to have a film on them. I love the convenience of a liquid, but this is definitely one of the worst performing dishwasher soaps I've tried in a long time. I actually feel badly writing this, too, because I love all of my other biokleen products. This one doesn't seem to have any reviews on drugstore.com, so I'll have to nose around and see if other people were as disappointed. In the meantime, I feel obligated to use up this big jug, but yikes!
I'll update this review if things improve at any point.

Meanwhile, I am relegated to re-washing some dishes and utensils by hand.


SalGal said...

I'm thinking if you're having to re-wash stuff, it's not as environmentally friendly as it should be.

I say, send it back, don't keep using it!

lisbet said...

I'm not sure it's worth the money to return it to drugstore.com! The bottle is so heavy it'd cost a bunch to ship it. Grrr.

SalGal said...

Call or email the company directly. They're usually really helpful. Good luck!!

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