Monday, December 10, 2007

Method's Christmas Products

While I am still using up my Method all-purpose spray in last year's discontinued "Spiced Pear" scent, Method has launched an updated holiday line. Instead of spiced pear there is "Cinnamon bark", which sounds pretty appealing if it avoids being reminiscent of holiday potpourri. Peppermint vanilla is back, and hollyberry is an update on the "frosted cranberry" of last year (although if you still want this scent, oddly still has some). Each product is available in a hand soap, all-purpose spray, aroma ring (which I blogged this summer) disc, candle, aroma sticks, and a new aroma beads pot.

The aroma beads kind of intrigue me. Not because of the beads themselves, actually (I can get soy wax melts in a greater variety of scents), but because the burner is lovely and I'd like to use it to simmer essential oils. I have one that looks somewhat similarly minimal, but my days of paraffin wax tealight use turned it sooty all over. I admit that if I do buy one it is decidedly an inessential purchase, but one I'd probably enjoy.

The party prep kit isn't a bad price. Plus you get two reusable shopping bags for free with your order!

You know, I still haven't tried their toiletries (the body wash, soap, shaving cream etc.) I haven't been to a Target in ages, and would prefer to smell them before committing. Also still haven't tried the aroma sticks, because my wee apartment doesn't really have a surface to put them on. (That may be, but I can't say for sure, because I have 3 tart burners and one oil burner in a 650 sq. foot space.)


SalGal said...

OOOOh I love this stuff!! I got the candles for the peppermint vanilla and the hollyberry. I WISH they would've had those gel discs without the holder, I'd have rather bought those instead of forking over $6.99/candle. I just think that's an outrageous price for a candle you get at Target! Anywho, I'm glad you blogged about these!

Merry Christmas!

lisbet said...

They didn't have just the gel discs in the Christmas scents? Poo! I wouldn't buy a whole new holder either.

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denise broome said...

I love the spice pear scent. Sad to hear it's discontinued...hopefully a similar scent will come out