Monday, December 17, 2007

Seventh Generation Natural Citrus Shower Cleaner

Before getting into the shower cleaner I have to post how disappointed I am in Burts Bees for selling to Clorox. It seems eco-friendly, natural cosmetics companies drop like flies as soon as they get profitable enough. I have been a Burts customer forever. I filled out their survey when they asked whether existing customers thought a proposal to sell in drugstores was problematic. (I said no, so long as nothing changed in their quality and ethics.) Alas, just like Tom's of Maine, they were tempted by money and sold out to a company whose products do great damage to the environment. I won't be reviewing their hand soap as planned for this reason. Treehugger wrote about the whole issue here.

On another hand, Seventh Generation's Natural Citrus Scent Shower Cleaner is the best planet lovin' shower cleaner I've used in a really long time. I use it for daily maintenance, not for thorough scrubbings (I usually keep two different products for the two different needs.) My shower doors have been so much cleaner than usual, almost as clean as if I'd just done a tough scrub. The orange smell is a little bit barfy (seriously, though this might be me), but the actual spray bottle is the best I've used in a while too. It produces these mighty, lush sprays that cover a lot of ground. I'm glad Seventh Gen is updating its scents, and I hope their new products work as well regardless. As I've mentioned before in this blog, I've only ever used one Seventh Gen product that wasn't great, and that was the toilet paper.


gmt said...

I agree with you about Burt's Bees and Tom's of Maine selling out to companies who still do great damage to the planet, and though those particular brands don't test on animals, the parent companies that bought them do test their other lines on animals, and I don't care to support a company that does that, so I don't buy Burt's Bees or Tom's of Maine anymore. If they had just hung on a while longer, they could have become just as big as Clorox and Colgate, since more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and demanding more green products.

I have changed all household products and toiletries in our house to green, though I'm still experimenting with different brands. Right now I have 7th Generation. I am not impressed with the shower cleaner, though it's probably more my fault because I forget to use it everyday. The laundry detergent, kitchen cleaner, and dishwasher powder work just fine, and I truly love the toilet paper. I used to buy Northern, which would fall apart too easily, but 7th Generation holds together long enough to be useful, and it's not rough like it might seem.

I'm going to try Ecover brand next, partly because they were making green products long before the general public starting thinking green, and also because they're made in Europe, and Europe has much higher standards of quality in every tangible product, and food, than the U.S.

Kashif Javed said...

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