Saturday, January 26, 2008

Clorox's Eco-friendly cleaning line

Ok, so I'd be a bad green blogger if I didn't mention that Clorox (who recently bought Burts Bees) has released a line of green cleaning products. They're called "Green Works" and the company brags that unlike other eco cleaning products, they work! (Er, if you go through this blog I haven't found many products that don't work fairly well. I'm still marveling over how clean my shower is if I spray it with Seventh Gen every time I use it.)

They have a separate website for the new products here. There is a section specifically and seriously devoted to defining what they mean by their terms "natural" etc, which I appreciate. I was laughing at the description under the bathroom cleaner of, once again, "coconut based cleaning agent". I've mentioned many a time how funny I find it that cleaning companies tiptoe around admitting to using "SLS" and "SLES" for foaming power, because of a sense that these ingredients have been linked to skin irritation and even cancer (provable or not, there is a green consumer bias against these ingredients as well as parabens, etc.)

I don't know. I like lemon essential oil (used in most of these), but I'm not swayed. These're not as cool sounding as some of the products I already use. Plus, Clorox is not generally a company I want to support. Aside from making generally non-eco friendly products, they still test on animals!
I'd rather people buy these than most mainstream cleaning products, but I'd also rather people support some of the brands linked to the right in this blog than Clorox.

I learned about this because Natural Health magazine gave the line a mention in their last issue.


Anonymous said...

I also rather place my support behind Seventh Gen, eCover or some of the other brands. A step in the right direction is still better then nothing, and more then I would of expected. However it would of been nice for them to implement the green ingridients into there already exsistant lines. Hopefully It may get more people that havn't given green cleaning much tought to buy?

Nathan Aaron said...

method, method, method! Their products just rock! But if Clorox's move here gets other "Big Brand" names to move into the same direction, it could be good all the way around. Time will tell.

- Nate
+ one man's unsupressed love for method home products

photogirl6 said...

I like these products because I end-up using less plastic in the long run. They come in concentrated refill packs that are very small- you add water and keep the spray bottle you have. Genius! Why doesn't 7th Generation do that?

Aleena said...

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Kashif Javed said...

first time I am hearing about "Clorox's Eco-friendly cleaning line"
I am going to use this I hope it is good addition in Cleaning products

Masud Khan said...

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