Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Citradish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

Citradish (or "Citra-dish") is my newest experiment with dishwashing powders. I tend to have problems with my dishwasher leaving powdery bits inside my drinking cups, but the box claims that the product (Valencia Orange version) incorporates a rinse aid so I thought... hmmm maybe somehow it'll help rinse off the residue.[1] It also advertises itself as cruelty free, vegan, chlorine bleach free, and made with essential oils. (There's more on the side of the box, but I don't want you to doze on me.)

This is another case of "they must have updated their packaging but not their website". My box is a bright orange recycled paper number with a big juicy orange on the front, unlike the rather unaesthetic former packaging job they have on the www. (See image.)

As far as performance, I have no complaints at all. This stuff works perfectly, as well as my Biokleen powdered detergent. It leaves my dishes and cups shiny, and doesn't leave behind any sort of odor (I love scented products, as you know, but dishwasher detergent doesn't need to smell unless it's part of the functionality... I'm not going to stand around huffing my dishwasher cups.) The box claims you ought to fill both cups in your dishwasher, but I can actually get away with filling one cup only half and get the same results. Nothing stuck to my dishes, and everything came out with a nice shine. (The test is always the dog food bowls.)

The super test was the enchilada spatula and plates from last night. These products always brag that they can remove "baked-on food". Well, it actually did. I'd buy again, particularly if my local natural foods shop doesn't start stocking more varieties of dish detergent ;)

1. My logic, it is flawless!


Robin said...

Yeah! I'm glad to see a review of Citradish and to see that it is a positive review too!

I just joined a group that does Frontier co-ops and they carry the 'Citra' line :)

I'm looking forward to being able to replace the Cascade that I have been using for years with something that is (hopefully) more natural and more gentle to the earth.

lisbet said...

@Robin - I am almost done the box now and I really, really like this stuff. I'd even venture to say that it's better than the toxic crap I used to buy, performance-wise :)

Groovio said...

This product is awful. It left all our dishes with a milky film and we are unable to get it off. We hand washed them twice now and still there's a film on them. The only reason I bought it because biokleen was not available.

lisbet said...

@Groovio - Interesting to hear that it didn't work for someone else. Must be the differences in our machines/ water!

bodyearthself said...

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bodyearthself said...

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