Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Method Repackages Omop (And Cloths)

We were just in Target buying a suitcase (all three of ours having been stolen from the storage unit in our building), and of course I had to stop by the cleaning isle. I had read Re-nest's post on the Method aroma pill (which I mentioned in a previous post) and wanted to sniff one in person.

I noticed that they'd repackaged the omop compostable dry cloths and the omops themselves in a recycled cardboard box, to replace the plastic boxes they'd been using! (The packaging looks great- kudos to the designer.) Ironically, they haven't updated the photos on their website, but they did mention the package redesign in their blog.

I also bought one of the glass/mirror microfiber cloths because I am sick of my linty old ones and would like wiping my glass table and mirrors to go back to being an easy chore. I'm going to test out the cloth and see if I want to buy another one or try the Casabella version. (Casabella = 2 for 12.99 vs. Method 1 for 5.00. So far it feels pretty good.

They only had one aroma pill, but I did take a whiff of some new scents for the aroma ring- 'beach sage', fig, and some others I can't recall- which also aren't on the website. ?


DCR said...

I am a big fan of microfiber - it doesn't require using cleaning solutions a lot of the time, so I use a lot less chemicals. Casabella ones are pretty nice. Have also tried the ones from Windex, which are good, especially for glass/mirror cleaning.

Casabella also has a new series of tips on Green Cleaning on their site, which may be of interest.

lisbet said...

Oh yeah, I only clean with microfiber cloths at this point. Even my Casabella mop is microfiber :) However, my cloths have gotten really worn so it's looking like time to pick up a couple of new ones.

Thanks for the link!

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