Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mrs Meyer's Spring Cleaning Kit

Woo woo! This year instead of their honeysuckle scented spring cleaning kit, Mrs Meyer's has released a Rhubarb scented line. Now, I actually don't think I know what Rhubarb smells like off the top of my head (sweet?), but I like Mrs. Meyer's products and the offerings in the four-pack look good:

All Purpose Cleaner, 8oz
Countertop Spray, 8oz
Window Spray, 8oz
Liquid Dish Soap 8oz

Seems like a little aromatherapy might just make those chores more bearable as the weather warms up. I hope to be able to open the windows and fill my home with fresh air and good smells pretty soon. I just got over being sick and it feels a little stuffy in here.

The only thing I think will wind up languishing in my home is the All Purpose Cleaner. I never seem to get around to using it, because it winds up being best for big cleanings (Dilute 1/4 cup in 1 gallon of water), and I clean in little spurts. I love Mrs. Meyer's surface wipes. Hm, they also have window wipes.

Ooh, I should add that they have products in Basil now! I'm definitely going to have to try that one. They also now have Baby Blossom but I'm not sold on that one yet... I'll have to sniff it in the store.


Sarah said...

I just randomly found your blog today, but I wanted to let you know that you can use the AP cleaner in/as your countertop spray once your countertop spray is gone. I don't even measure, I just put about a capful or so in the bottle and fill with hot water and use. I use it every day for little spot cleaning and it works great.

Have a great day!

lisbet said...

I'll have to do that :) If I ever use up my stockpile of the countertop spray.

Emily said...

The Rhubarb scent is so wonderful, that it turned me, one who never cleans...into a happy cleaning machine! I wish they weren't just limited edition. I just bought the stuff at Whole Foods in the Spring Cleaning pack, and ended up going online and ordering SIX MORE! I love that my house smells so wonderful now!

lisbet said...

That's awesome :D I absolutely love the scent too and I am afraid I'm going to miss the LE since I haven't grabbed a pack yet.

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