Thursday, September 13, 2007

Casabella Magnet Mop 2

Ok, I really really love my mop, so it's about time I gave it it's own post. Every time I use it I think what a smart purchase it was. It's not like one of those products where each use merits reflection on whether it's really working well and whether you should continue using it. I've gone through so many mops that were just meh, it was high time for a shining star.

I got the magnet mop when I moved into a place with hardwood floors. It's essentially a wringable sponge with a microfiber top. It dry-mops nicely, trapping most of the stray carpet fluff and hair that accumulates on our floor (we have a natural wool area rug that sheds like crazy.) The thing works well with just water, though of late I have been using it with just Method's "Wood For Good" omop liquid (which works so much better with the Casabella than the actual omop.) How I feel about the W4G I'll leave for another time.
If you've tried the omop, it really handles the same "dry/just with Method liquid" mopping, but it doesn't "skip" as much on the floor.

However I choose to mop, the sponge head comes off and is easily tossed in my washing machine to clean it thoroughly (no more germ-infested mop head, yay!)

I did have to pay more for it than the last mop I got at Target, but considering how much I love the thing (and that I can get replacement heads when this one expires), it was worth it. I lugged Mr. Mop from halfway across Chicago on the El/Bus, and it earned its keep on the first use.

Oh Magnet Mop, I heart thee.

(Ed. note- though the picture is blue and yellow, my mop is red and silver.)


Cynthia Blue said...

I don't see a link for the Magnet Mop! I will search for it. I'm looking for a good easy mop, with a head I can wash, that is good at cleaning up after dogs too. :)

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