Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Method vs. Caldrea

I just got an email about the new Caldrea holiday scent "Italian Cypress Pear". I wonder how that compares to the Method spiced pear (which I am currently still using.) Hey, who knew by buying too many cleaning products I could do the whole "stopped clock right twice a day idea" but with Christmas items. Hey, they're in season again eventually ;)

I'm kind of annoyed though- I wanted to do an ingredients quality comparison between the Method all-purpose spray and the Caldrea, and Caldrea's site doesn't list ingredients. Method's claims that the ingredients on the all-purpose spray "include":

"corn and coconut derived surfactants
soda ash
potassium hydrate
biodegradable surfactant
fragrance oil blend
purified water"

When I get a bottle of the Caldrea I'll make note of the ingredients.

Am currently waiting on my replacement Kenmore allergen vacuum filter bags. While permanent filters are more eco-friendly, I do love my Kenmore Intelli-clean vacuum (Consumer Reports rated it above the Dysons in their vacuum roundup, and I haven't been disappointed.) People keep telling me if I want my hardwood floors to truly be clean I ought to vacuum them. I'm going to try that as soon as my bags are here (I was vacuuming the other day and then I heard a BAM. Suddenly my vacuum bag light, the "check engine" of the vacuum came on.)


SalGal said...

How on earth do you get all these products? Are you some kind of tester or is this something you just do on your own? Because I would love this job!!

lisbet said...

Nah, I don't have the new Caldrea pear stuff, just got an email about it. :) Right now I am still trying to plow through my Method stash.

Shana said...

I got the Caldrea samples for the new scents in the mail yesterday and the Italian Cyprus Pear was the first I opened. The samples are all three new scents in little tiny sample packets of the hand soap. I think I got the link from you to sign up at the website for their samples (although I can't remember). It doesn't smell at all like pear to me. It's very spicy. I feel like it smells more like a sweeter rosemary with a woody smell in it to. There is enough in the little packets that I think you get about 5 or 6 handwashes out of each sample pack. I am excited to try the other two scents because while I don't really smell pear it's a very clean smell that is earthy at the same time. Method soaps always smell fake and nothing like they say. At least this is a natural smell. :)

lisbet said...

I got my samples today too! That's definitely going to be my next post. :>

Heather said...

I also don't know what ingredients are in the Caldrea soaps but the "natural" Method soaps contain both Cocomide DEA and Sodium Laureth Sulfates - both potentially carcinogenic and known skin irritants. A great site to check up on ingredients is:

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